Sustainable Farmland Investments



Genesis Investimentos primary investment project is a U$150 million investment fund that will source under valued assets on the Brazil farmland frontier.  When fully capitalized, it will purchase and develop as much as 150,000 acres.  Land values in Brazil are highly sensitive to their state of development.  By purchasing land at attractive rates, often one-tenth the value of comparable land in the United States, Genesis Investimentos can then add value to the farm through customized improvements that multiply its value.  As institutional investors, pensions fund, endowment funds and private investors are beginning to understand the untapped potential in Brazil agribusiness sector, the Brazil Farmland Development Fund is uniquely positioned to benefit from this growth.  Current macro economic trends such as trade disruption and US market isolation strategy will only continue to provide growth for Brazil as China and other grain buyers look to them to source their import needs.