Sustainable Farmland Investments

Investment Services

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Emerging markets such as Brazil are generally less transparent than other sectors. Additionally, Brazil offers less risk management tools than other markets. Genesis Investimentos can add value as we provide clarity and transparency in deal transactions that are otherwise not publicly available. As most opportunities are off-market private transactions, Genesis has the experience and network to identify the right assets. We have already overcome the obstacles inherent in working in a foreign market so you don't have to.

Your first step is critical. We can minimize those critical first steps as we have been through the process multiple times. Genesis can:

  • Reduce costs associated with transaction through high level network of professionals
  • Bridge language and cultural barriers making your entry as seamless as possible
  • Facilitate financial modeling through realistic numbers
  • Identify key risks related to growth strategy

We look to provide advisory and management services to investors that are looking to enter the Brazilian farmland market. Our services include:

  • Identification of land acquisitions (1000 hectares up to 100.000 hectares)
  • Exploratory investment analysis and on-site inspection of target opportunity
  • Identification of profitable investment and agribusiness opportunities
  • Research and compilation of business information and economic viability for agribusiness investment
  • Guidance in development of Brazilian corporations by legal and accounting professionals.
  • Guidance in due diligence process by experienced legal and accounting teams.
  • Identification of Professional farm and agribusiness management services
  • Identification of Strategic Brazilian Partner